Good morning Mr. Arnold, My name is Andrea Fabiilli and my husband Darren and I live in Sudbury. We just recently sold our house and purchased one of your new homes. Four years ago when we purchased our first home from you on Eclipse, we contracted someone to build our deck. Not knowing anything about building decks, and trying to stay within our budget, we thought we had made a good choice. This week I received a phone call from our lawyer advising us that the building permit for our deck had not been closed. I called the city to have an inspector come to the house to look at the deck and ultimately close the permit so the sale of our house wouldn’t be affected. The inspector came over Tuesday afternoon. He failed the deck. Turns out there were quite a few problems with it and it was built very poorly. Nothing was to code. To say we were upset and extremely stressed by this news would be an understatement. The inspector suggested we contact the person who built the deck to see if he could rectify the problems with it. We did that. After a few choice words for the inspector, "the gentlemen's" wife basically told us to go fly a kite. She claimed that they weren’t responsible since it was so long ago and I didn’t have a copy of the contract stating what we had asked to be built (we asked for a deck with no stairs, nothing fancy, that’s it). The inspector then suggested we call Dave Pigeau to see if he had any of the Dalron employees available to help us out. My husband called Dave Tuesday afternoon around 3pm and Dave was over at our house to look at what had to be done before 4pm. During this time, my husband had already purchased the needed materials from Home Depot and removed all of the deck balusters. Dave made a phone call to a carpenter named Marc (Dalron employee) and had Marc agree to schedule 7:45 Wednesday morning (the next day) to fix our deck. Dave advised Marc that we had already purchased the materials, it was the labour that we needed help with. Dave also explained to Marc that the sale of our house was now dependent on the deck being repaired and a closed permit being issued. Dave then took it upon himself to call the city inspector, advise him that the deck would be rectified by the following morning and scheduled him to come back for an inspection so that the closed permit could be forwarded to our lawyer right away. Marc came over Wednesday morning, spent 2 1/2 hours doing all of the repairs, making sure everything was measured properly and would pass code requirements. The city inspector viewed the photos of the ‘new’ deck that Dave took and sent to him and proceeded to approve the deck and close the permit. Everything was sent to our lawyer and things are now complete with the sale of the house. We move into Solstice on Wednesday the 19th and Eclipse closes on the 21st. Unfortunately, the total cost of materials and labour out of pocket for us is $500 but it could’ve been much worse. We will take that and run. Mr. Arnold, I just want you to know how grateful, appreciative, thankful and happy Darren and I are with what Dave Pigeau did for us. To say he went above and beyond his duties as a Dalron employee, would be a gross understatement. He took time to help us, call someone else to help us and be at the other end of the phone every time we called him. You should be very proud to have him as an employee. He represents what the face of a company should look like. He is one in a million and obviously values his work and the people he works for. Marc is on that same level. The job that he did- on a deck he didn’t originally build- was phenomenal. The time he took to make sure it was done properly is something we very much appreciate. Marc also takes a great deal of pride in what he does- it shows. Both of these gentlemen didn’t have to do what they did for us. It wasn’t their problem to fix and they had no obligation to help us. To us, this is what happy and satisfied employees look like. It’s very rare to see people in this city take real pride and ownership in what they do for employment, but both Dave and Marc are superstars in that area and deserve a gigantic pat on the back and a very heartfelt thank you from us. I also want to say thank you to you, Mr. Arnold,  as we are now going into our second Dalron home and couldn’t be happier with our choice. Every time I have called the office for Denise, or come into contact with an employee/contractor for something we needed done, they have always been there without hesitation and have always been so helpful and nice. We’ve never had any problems or concerns with our house and are truly happy with choosing Dalron 4 years ago. 

Thank you for accepting my email and please let Dave and Marc know how appreciative we are for what they did; thank them again for us.

Andrea Fabiilli


Hello, we had our home warranty inspection with Denise today. She was very knowledgeable and professional. We asked questions that went beyond the warranty. She even offered to get answers when she didn't have the information. It was a pleasure. Also a delivery was made yesterday to the house in error. I had arranged for these to occur Friday after we take possession. Our new neighbour Scott, who is an employee of yours, came to the rescue and put the items in the garage for us. That was very kind. And our central vacuum was installed today ahead of schedule. Our experience thus far has been very positive. We look forward to making this new house our home. Thank you.

Mario and Ivana Zuliani

We are so happy with the way our new home turned out. Initially, it was a hard decision for us to trust a builder to build the home we had envisioned. After working with the professional, diligent and creative team of Dalron, all our doubts were put to rest. We had a wonderful experience working with the team; throughout the building process they renewed our confidence in our vision and we are now the proud owners of our dream home. We continually receive compliments from our friends and we greatly appreciate all the efforts of the team in making our dream a reality. We would highly recommend Dalron construction for anyone who is thinking of building a home. We had absolutely no complaints and we are enjoying our new home thoroughly!

Dinusha and Tilak

The excellence displayed by every member of your team was instrumental and has made this major decision that much more interesting and wonderful. We absolutely love our new home and neighbourhood...thanks in large part to your professionalism, genuine care and quality customer service. We would not hesitate to recommend Dalron to friends and family... 
Marc and Michelle

Dalron Construction went over and above what is normal practice for customer/insureds who suffered wind damage to their shingles and siding during a catastrophic storm. Dalron Construction was not responsible for the damages to their customers' homes, but stepped forward and took care of their customers in their time of need.

Louis Bottigoni, Allstate Insurance

After being very comfortable and happy in my house for forty-four years, when the time came to move I was nervous. I looked at many apartments--my beloved dog was not welcome and it would have been very confining. We all agreed that I could to better, and I did. I am very happy to say that I moved into Dalron's Villages of Montrose and have not missed my home, as it felt like home immediately. This is a very nice place to live and I have no complaints. Dalron employees and associates have been very helpful and welcoming.

Ann Heale

I first spotted the sign at the road for Algonquin Green several years before building commenced. Since my husband and I had bought a DALRON town home condo on Paris Street in 1986, I was always curious to see what the new homes would be like. As soon as I contacted Meghan Otto for a peek at a bungalow which was under construction, I was smitten. During the 5 months for the new home to be completed, Meghan and all the Dalron workers were unfailingly accommodating.  After the move-in small deficiencies were attended to promptly. KUDOS to DALRON!

Sheila (Algonquin Green Condos) 

I have been an investor with this company for many years and I find the people at Dalron very professional and organized in every way. I own four condos that I bought as an investment. I also have invested in two retirement buildings and again it has been a very positive experience. I can’t say enough good things regarding the service I have received from Meghan. She is unbelievably organized and helpful. She is always available and she has continually gone over and above to help me with the many details regarding the purchasing and renting of these condos. I also am very impressed with the quality of the building and the attention to detail that goes into each of these condos. I find the units very well built, designed and clean. A big thanks to Meghan and Ron for making all my dealings with Dalron very positive.


Both my wife and I extend to you and your team at Dalron our heartfelt “thanks” for your attention to the deck item. We appreciate the time and effort that you invested to work with all involved to ensure a speedy resolution to the issue. Over the twenty six years that we lived in this Dalron built, quality house, we raised a family in that house, built memories, and enjoyed living in our home in a wonderful neighborhood ... your personal, honourable and professional approach that caused us to choose Dalron Construction Ltd. back in 1990 appeared again as you worked over these past few weeks to ensure the closing of our house.
Andy F., Stewart Drive